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Are the Bible's Last Days (a.k.a., End Time) prophecies describing events that will take place in the future? Have some passages already been fulfilled in modern times? The following news headlines will show how past events corroborate key Bible prophecies concerning the Last Days or End Time. This is not an exhaustive list of fulfilled Bible prophecy. For a complete list of events, refer to Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy table. History often repeats itself (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10), Bible prophecy does not (Joel 2:2, Mark 13:19). See Scripture come alive as we compare historical accounts and relevant Bible passages!

  • Resurrection-rapture



    Jesus returns to earth and sits on his glorious throne to raise the dead and preside over the final judgment...

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  • Scepter with an eagle and the letters SPQR (Senatus Populus Romanus). Icon government of ancient Rome (Photo by angellodeco)

    Jerusalem trampled

    Nov 1, 451 AD

    When did the Gentiles cease to trample Jerusalem underfoot? The Jews and Israel made first contact with the...

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  • Hand consumed in flames (Photo by kevron2002). Royal boa opens mouth (Photo by Matic.Sandra). Photoshop composite by Steve Sabz

    Church triumphs!

    Feb 28, 380 AD

    After surviving severe persecution under Roman Emperor Nero and later, Diocletian, the Church of Christ is triumphant! On...

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  • Skull in the sand

    God strikes back

    Aug 24, 79 AD

    The Lord strikes back against the Roman Empire nine years, almost to the day, after they destroyed Jerusalem and its temple...

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  • Desolation Fire

    Fire and blood

    Aug 31, 70 AD

    Roman soldiers erect their eagle ensigns upon the towers facing the temple and make joyful acclamations for the victory...

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  • Altar

    Sacrifices cease

    Jul 12, 70 AD

    Romans and Jews alike are deeply troubled, as the daily temple sacrifice fails to be offered for the first time on...

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  • Locust and moon

    Locust army

    Apr 12, 70 AD

    Roman forces imprison Jewish rebels within Jerusalem's walls causing severe famine and pestilence...

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  • Blood Moon

    Blood moons

    Oct 29, 68 AD

    Blood Moons occupy the skies above Jerusalem five months apart on May 5 and October 29. A month later the first among...

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  • The Course of Empire Destruction - Thomas Cole

    Nero dies

    Jun 9, 68 AD

    After being declared an enemy by the senate, emperor Nero, fearing the due punishment of ancient Roman customs, plunges a...

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  • Sea of Blood

    Sea of blood

    Jul 5, 67 AD

    Fighting moves to the sea of Joppa where Roman and Jewish ships engage in battle. Jewish ships are dashed against the...

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  • Mid-Level Solar Flare - NASA

    Scorching heat

    Jun 26, 67 AD

    Samaritan fighters retreat to their holy mountain, Mount Gerizzim, where they are surrounded by Roman armies. Vespasian...

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  • Roman catapult stones (Photo by Carole Raddato)

    Hailstones fall

    May 30, 67 AD

    Continuing his advance toward Jerusalem, general Vespasian commands his forces against Jotapata, a fortified city with...

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  • Golden Eagle

    Abomination begins

    Jan 20, 67 AD

    In response to Cestius Gallus' embarrassing defeat two months earlier, emperor Nero appoints Roman general Vespasian to...

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  • Sea of Galilee

    Jews defeat Romans

    Nov 17, 66 AD

    Cestius Gallus attempts to invade Jerusalem but fails and retreats. Jewish fighters steal the defeated 12th Legion's eagle...

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  • Israel Burning Fire Flag War Conflict Night 3D (Photo by natanaelginting)

    Treaty broken

    Aug 8, 66 AD

    After 3.5 years of great peace and prosperity, Temple priests agree to discontinue sacrifices and offerings for Caesar...

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  • Lion with wings

    Mount of glory

    May 23, 66 AD

    After the glory of the Lord had departed from the temple the day before, the radiant manifestation of God's glory...

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  • Lion with wings

    Superhuman voices

    May 22, 66 AD

    Josephus reports that the temple priests, while performing their sacred duties, heard a sound as of a great multitude...

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  • Angels in the clouds - artist's illustration

    Armies of angels

    May 2, 66 AD

    A few days after the Passover feast, Tacitus and Josephus both record eye-witness accounts of angelic armies in the...

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  • Grim Reaper

    War drums

    Apr 27, 66 AD

    Jerusalem enjoyed a time of very great peace and prosperity. Peace abruptly ends when procurator of Judea steals gold...

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  • Angel Michael in Rome

    Sword-like star

    Mar 20, 66 AD

    During the feast of unleavened bread when Jerusalem swelled with large numbers of worshipers, the temple was suddenly...

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  • Lamb

    Miraculous birth

    Mar 20, 66 AD

    Miracles abound at the feast of unleavened bread while large numbers of worshipers gathered in Jerusalem, a young female cow...

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  • Fire breather

    Witnesses executed

    Oct 13, 64 AD

    On a hot summer day, fire breaks out in Rome that burns for a week that destroys half the city. Rumors circulate that Nero...

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  • Roman Colosseum Burns

    Rome burns

    Jul 18, 64 AD

    Nero arrests Christians whom he publicly slaughters in the most horrific way during the dies imperi festivities in...

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  • Tower of David

    Woe to Jerusalem!

    Sep 23, 63 AD

    A mysterious man named Jesus, the son of Ananus, disturbs the peace by warning residents of Jerusalem of its approaching...

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  • Old empty open book in the flame isolated on black (Photo by dimdimich)

    Falling away

    circa 60 AD

    A survey of the New Testament itself reveals that the newly formed church was not immune to apostasy...

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  • Lunar Transit - NASA

    Last days begin

    May 22, 33 AD

    One month after Jesus' resurrection on the day of Pentecost, Peter tells the crowd that Joel's last days prophecy of the sun...

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  • Dark stormy clouds over the ocean (Photo by ongap). Hanukkah Menorah (Photo by Mishella)

    Gog of Magog

    Dec 7, 164 BC

    After the death of Alexander the Great and the subsequent division of his empire between his generals, arose the wicked...

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  • Earth with precise detailed relief and city lights illuminated by moonlight. Africa and Middle East. Elements of this image furnished by NASA (Photo by Antartis)

    Land divided

    Aug 332 BC

    Judgment is executed against Tyre and Sidon, and the regions of Philistia by the armies of Alexander the Great...

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  • Computer image of the new Solomon's Temple in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Photo by UCKG Official Website)

    Temple rebuilt

    Feb 12, 516 BC

    Seventy years after Solomon's temple was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar, the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt just as...

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  • Indian camel drivers with camels in dunes of Thar desert on sunset. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India (Photo by DmitryRukhlenko)

    Exile ends

    538 BC

    Seventy years after King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem and began deportations to Babylon, the Lord's anointed...

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  • Palmyra, ancient Aramaic city in central Syria

    Damascus in ruins

    732 BC

    After a failed attack on Jerusalem by the kings of Syria and Israel, King Ahaz of Jerusalem bribes King Tiglath-Pilesar of...

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  • Gold crown with stone vintage ornate blue stone king (Photo by kadirgul)

    Promises kept

    971 BC

    By faith, one man and his wife, who began life in Ur of the Chaldeans, then afterward Harran and finally, at the request of...

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