Science and Bible Research is dedicated to providing accurate information regarding Secular and Biblical origin theories, End Time prophecy and various theological topics, while promoting the salvation of mortal humans by the redemptive work of the now-and-forever reigning Lord and risen Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The name is derived from the fact that God reveals himself through his creation (Romans 1:20), whereby we gain knowledge of his power and glory through the sciences (i.e., general revelation), and by his special revelation contained in Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16), whereby we gain knowledge of God's gracious salvation to sinners by faith alone in Christ alone.


Founded in March 2014 by Steve Sabz.


Edify the Christian and inform the skeptic.


Transform cyberspace into a predominantly Christ-glorifying platform through the Spirit of grace where believers and non-believers can engage in discussion and learning.


Science and Bible Research website is built on the latest technology allowing for awesome viewing on both desktop and mobile devices.

Science and Bible Research publishes original and informative articles concerning various Bible topics and the sciences based on research of the available data while leaving room for debate.

Science and Bible Research original research papers in support of Intelligent Design and Orthodox (a.k.a. Partial) Preterist Bible eschatology offers alternative insight regarding two important questions: (1) How did we get here? and, (2) Where are we going?

It is expected that individuals willing to discuss the topics published herein will do so in a civilized and objective manner by careful examination of the literature and evidence. Verbal threats or attacks against individuals with competing views (either for or against those expressed by Science and Bible Research) will not be tolerated.


Visitors to Science and Bible Research can expect the following:

Informative articles - 100%

Captivating images - 90%

Responsive design - 100%

Current events - 10%

Bible topics - 70%

Creation and Evolution - 20%

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