End Time Rewind: An Exploration In Bible Prophecy And The Fate Of The World by Steven Sabatino

It has been, and currently still is, being debated among Christians when the risen Christ should come again. Those who espouse a Futuristic interpretation of Bible prophecy expect him to return in their lifetime (e.g., imminently, any day now) in order to rapture born-again believers and bring about the fulfillment of related End Time events. Many end-of-the-world and rapture forecasts have been put forth in the name of Futurism since the 2nd-century AD, none of which have come to fruition. This is disconcerting, because failed predictions and false expectations promoted by our Christian counterparts diminishes the credibility of the Bible and scars the reputation of its adherents.

A must-read before the next Doomsday-Rapture false alarm!

An alternative, age-old and tried-and-true, Partial (a.k.a. Classical or Orthodox) Preterist (derived from the Latin word praeter for past) approach maintains that the majority of Bible prophecies were fulfilled by the year 70 AD, and included Jesus' appearing/revealing in an Old Testament-styled, non-physical manifestation. All that remains to be accomplished in the future is for Jesus Christ to physically return to raise the dead, preside over the final judgment, and create a new heaven and earth devoid of sin and death (as per Revelation 20:7 - Revelation 22:5).

End Time Rewind: An Exploration In Bible Prophecy And The Fate Of The World

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