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971 BC

Gold crown with stone vintage ornate blue stone king (Photo by kadirgul)

By faith, one man and his wife, who began life in Ur of the Chaldeans, then afterward Harran and finally, at the request of...

332 BC, August

Earth with precise detailed relief and city lights illuminated by moonlight. Africa and Middle East. Elements of this image furnished by NASA (Photo by Antartis)

Judgment is executed against Tyre and Sidon, and the regions of Philistia by the armies of Alexander the Great...

164 BC, December 7

Dark stormy clouds over the ocean (Photo by ongap)

After the death of Alexander the Great and the subsequent division of his empire between his generals, arose the wicked...

70 AD, August 31

Crema in Fallas of Valencia on March 19 all figures are burned at end of celebration (Photo by lunamarina)

Roman soldiers erect their eagle ensigns upon the towers facing the temple and make joyful acclamations for the victory...

380 AD, February 28

Hand consumed in flames (Photo by kevron2002). Royal boa opens mouth (Photo by Matic.Sandra). Photoshop composite by Steve Sabz

After surviving severe persecution under Roman Emperors Nero, Decius, Valerian, and Diocletian, the Church is triumphant!...

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